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Airstretcher King Roval Product #CYL-032


Product Name
Airstretcher King Roval
Open Size
80 cm(w) x 195 cm (L) x 5.5 cm (H)
Rolled Size
28 cm diameter x 80 cm
3.8 kg
Roval process
(Two-layered special plastic TPO)
  • Carrying case included.
  • Stretcher poles sold separately.
  • Repair and maintenance services included.
Airstretcher King Roval

Airstretcher King is a basic model stretcher with automatic air flow system.

This model was created with the aim of moving/carrying as many patients/immobilized people as possible with a limited number of rescuers available.

Thanks to the special two-layered plastic sheets applied to the bottom of the product, you can move it easily on uneven surfaces, stairs, or the street.


  • Special TPO plastic sheets applied to the bottom of the Airstretcher lessen friction and shock to the bottom.
  • It is reusable and can be stored compactly by rolling up.Thanks to its compact size, you can hang it on the wall.
  • This product has solved several problems of older stretchers.It can be dragged on curved stairs, in narrow places, or through windows.
  • You can place the stretcher with a patient on it on a wet street after the original rescue, since it shuts out cold air.

roval Process(TPO)

  • Special TPO plastic sheet is used (Thickness: 2 mm)
  • This multi-layered TPO resin special two-layer plastic sheet can be rolled up compactly and opened out large.
  • The front surface of the material is slip resistant and the reverse side is slippery.
  • This material is environmentally friendly and does not emit toxic fumes when it burns.